Creating Personal Brands that Outsell Your Competition

Give your sales reps the tools they need to create personal brands that outsell your competition. Build-A-Brand™ gives you a 100% turn-key solution, so your reps have everything they need at their fingertips to become ultimate selling machines.

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You Need to Brand Your Sales Team to Avoid Extinction

The traditional sales model is currently going extinct because the way people are buying is shifting dramatically. Did you know that 10 years ago a shopper would go to 6 dealerships before making a purchase, TODAY they visit 13 WEBSITES and 1.8 dealerships to make their purchase.

Now, you can create the ULTIMATE competitive advantage by differentiating yourself. Sales rep with a strong personal brand have been proven to outsell competitors and create clients that last forever.

The All-In-One
Sales Team Branding Solution
To Increase Your Sales Today

1. Turn your sales team into your branded selling machine
2. Connect with your customers through all relevant social channels
3. Seemless all-in-one, easy to use platform

Sales Reps

Our proprietary, fully-customized and automated platform will help your sales reps increase their sales by orders of magnitude.

With Build-A-Brand™, they can send out digital business cards to prospects, post to their blog and social media, and keep track of reviews they receive – everything they need to create a personal brand that sells.


Create a fleet of personally-branded marketing sales reps who excel at bringing in their own sales because they have all the tools they need in one place.

With Build-A-Brand™, they are more invested in building their businesses which has proven to decrease sales turnover, increase leads, and even triple sales.


The Website Your Team Deserves

To assist even futher in allowing your salespeople to build their own brand, the Build-A-Brand™ platform also allows them to build their own website, too, complete with full-vehicle inventory display, Recommend a Friend Referral Program, stunning photo customer review slideshows, featured vehicle posts, social posts, content library blogs, interactive Google Map, and more. 

Every bit of social networking they do will link back to their website, allowing their brand to grow even larger.

Fully Mobile

The Mobile Toolkit is at the heart of Build-A-Brand™. With it, salespeople can do just about anything, from posting a blog to sharing a link to their website via SMS messages. It will put the power in their hands to become their own personal brand, and allow them to track the reviews they earn along the way.

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Meet The Team

Brian Chapman

Brian Chapman

President of Build-A-Brand™

Simply put, Brian is passionate about the car business. If there’s anything he’s learned from his 25 years in the business is that it’s constantly changing. His passion – as well as the ever-evolving business – led him to create Build-a-Brand in an effort to leverage social media to boost car sales.

Ashley Ragan

Ashley Ragan

Managing Partner and Chief Technical Officer of Build-A-Brand™

Ashley has spent the past 25 years improving business processes and software. He’s also been the architect of much change at both FedEx and Cooper Tire. He’s taken in his past experiences to build a platform allowing any business or salesperson to build their brand and business through a one-of-a-kind virtual automated selling system.

Drew Bourke

Drew Bourke

Build-A-Brand™’s Co-Founder and e-Learning Director

Drew began his career in automotive retail sales in 1993. Three years later, he left his position at GSM to launch DSM Training. He’s been in training and software ever since. In 2012, Drew launched VASS Pages, an automated customer reviews and social media selling solution built specifically for auto dealers. Then, in April 2015, VASS Pages merged with WebSpin 360, and Drew has been helping to build Build-A-Brand™ ever since.