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Salespeople were hired to do three things: Get customers on the lot, sell cars, and retain sold customers. Build-A-Brand™ is the first-ever complete prospecting and sales advocacy system that makes prospecting, getting and tracking referrals, and following up with customers, EASY!


Give your sales staff the competitive advantage with Build-A-Brand’s cutting edge mobile capabilities! A Dealer controlled all-in-one sales system.

  • Digital business card
  • One-Click referrals
  • Video messaging
  • Brochure delivery

For every star review we see an average of

8% increase in sales from Google


Allow your reviews to raise your team to the top. Minimizing negative reviews and maximazing the exposure of positive reviews.

  • Getting reviews has never been easier!
  • Positive Review Generation
  • Negative Review Prevention
  • Full Management Platform

“Sales Reps Who Use Social Media Outsell Their Peers by 78%”



Make Your Sales Staff’s Online Presence Your Dealerships Competitive Advantage.Build-A-Brand ™ is one complete system that integrates website, app, and social strategy seamlessly so that every sales rep can be a prospecting and branding machine!

  • Dealership Content Curator
  • Social Media return on investment Dashboard
  • Sales Advocacy Competition System
  • Employee Branded Websites

Build-A-Brand™ is the Future of Relationship Selling

$ in Advertising made

Social Interactions

Negative Reviews Prevented




Created by a Fellow Dealer Principal

Many vendors are rising up to change the dealership model right now due to the increase in online sales direct to consumers. However, these software developers have never run a successful dealership.

Our solution was built by an owner who used Build-A-Brand™ to cut his sales turnover in HALF while teaching his sales reps how to grow their book of business. Build-A-Brand™ is here to help your people and process get stronger. We believe in the people you believe in.

5 Ways Cameron Tripled His Sales Becoming #1 at His Dealership

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The “Must-Have’s” for Building Your Dealership’s Brand

There is A LOT of talk around the auto industry about branding and the need for car dealerships to develop their unique brand. Branding has become the key to success for the top automotive dealers and car sales professionals. As a result, it is what sets them apart...

Great Examples of Great Communication for Dealerships to use During Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak

The times we live in have certainly changed over the last few weeks. With the introduction of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) into our world, we have heard phrases like “self-quarantine” and “social distancing”, but what does that mean for the average dealership and...

Build-A-Brand Partners with Auto Industry Sales and Marketing Strategists, Shawn Hays & Dave Benson

Build-A-Brand Welcomes Partnership with Hays & Benson Build-A-Brand announced today the addition of Shawn Hays and Dave Benson as strategic partners to the company’s growth team. Build-A-Brand’s sales philosophy of building a personal brand around each individual...

Car Industry Innovator & Champion, Lee Iacocca Dies at 94 Years Old

Car industry innovator, icon and champion, Lee Iacocca died July 2, at the age of 94. The man who brought us revolutionary ideas such as the minivan and the Ford Mustang has taken his final road trip.

5 Easy Tips to Start Your Personal Online Brand

Consumers are buying cars. With or without you, they are buying lots of cars. They no longer need you to persuade them to make a purchase. They are out there purchasing every day. What is needed, however, is for you to provide your audience with reasons to choose to...

How Your Dealership Can Reduce Salesperson Turnover

Are you burning through salespeople faster than a mid-summer’s wildfire sweeps across a dry field? You are not alone! Salesperson turnover is a reality that General Managers and Sales Managers face all too often. In order to reduce salesperson turnover, we must...

Are You Ready for a Digital Business Card?

The way we do business is certainly changing and to be on top, you need to change with it. In this technology driven world, printed paper business cards are becoming obsolete.  You need a Digital Business Card solution that is second to none and offers many more benefits that a regular business card or digital contact record can’t touch:

What to Look for in a State-of-the-Art Digital Business Card

A digital business card work much like a cell phone app. They are seen far more frequently than paper cards since they live inside mobile devices.

Do You Need A Digital Business Card?

An eye-catching well-designed Digital Business Card can help you seize that moment and remain there, in the forefront of your customer’s minds by being housed where everyone stores their contacts now – in their mobile devices!

11 Reasons Why Sales Teams MUST Use Videos

Consumers love to watch videos! They love to view, shop and communicate and love it even more if done through videos. Videos stand out on social media, giving customers a quick overview of a product or person without overwhelming them with lots of text. In less than thirty seconds, a customer can get all the information he or she needs about a business or product through a short, visually-appealing video.