Your personal brand will need to be constantly pumping out content to remain relevant and recognizable amongst the online clutter.

Knowing you will need to post social content to your website, blog, and various social networks, on a consistent basis, could cause you to lose sight of the purpose behind the content. You may feel pressure to just post something, anything, to have it show up on your profile, page, or in the news feed. You do this, believing it communicates to your audience that you are on top of your branding, but in reality, people only want social content that has a purpose.

The content you post must be a true representation of your brand identity, personality style, tone of voice, and the value you offer.

— Always Post With A Purpose —

There are various types of content you can create that will bring a clearer understanding of your brand identity, as well as, provide purpose to what you post.

Here are 8 types of social content that have a purpose:

  1. Video Posts & Purpose: Create videos that demonstrate your personality, passion, knowledge, experience, expertise, and helpfulness.
  2. Relevant Online Articles & Purpose: Research online relevant articles to display to your audience that you stay up-to-date with current local information and product news. Making you a resource.
  3. Blog Posts & Purpose: Share appropriate personal/professional knowledge and experiences to exhibit that you are an expert in your field. Add humanness to your writings so that readers feel like they are being talked to, instead of, talked at.
  4. Images & Purpose: Add relevant images to provide a visual element, to a blog post or status update, that are appealing, inviting, and attention getting.
  5. Inventory Posts & Purpose: Share information about the products and services you sell and how they benefit the customer.
  6. Brochures & Purpose: Provide a resource for potential buyers that helps them make knowledgeable buying decisions.
  7. Customer Photo Reviews & Purpose: Build word-of-mouth marketing through good customer service and by receiving positive recommendations from current customers.
  8. Referrals & Purpose: Used as an incentive, customers can refer a friend/ family member to receive a dollar amount, once their referral becomes a buyer too. This also provides, free word-of-mouth marketing, which expands your customer base.

The key to sharing valuable social content is for it to always have a purpose, no exceptions.

If you cannot find the purpose, it is recommended that you refrain from posting. Every piece of social content needs to have a good reason as to “why” it should be created and shared to your networks. The content you choose should focus heavily on the growth of your personal brand and on the improvement of customer relationships.

If the content does not add value to your brand or audience, it is a waste of time and effort.

Instead, create relevant content that:

  • Evokes emotion
  • Changes the way people think
  • Invites discussion
  • Provides helpful information
  • Encourages customer convenience
  • Adds value
  • Is thought provoking
  • Improves the buyer experience

All of these methods are important in having a strong personal brand and can be used to give purpose to the social content you create and post.

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