Today’s world is “Tech Obsessed”! We love all our techy gadgets and apps from Apple CarPlay & Android Auto to Road Scanning & Wireless Charging. Are you keeping up with the fast pace of technology and the way it’s changing the auto industry or are you one of the few out front that’s setting the pace?

You need a Digital Business Card Solution.

The way we do business is certainly changing! To be on top, you need to change with it. In this technology-driven world, printed paper business cards are becoming obsolete.  Therefore, you need a Digital Business Card solution that is second to none. One that offers many more benefits than a regular business card or digital contact record – one that can’t be touched:

  • Instantly share more information about you, your business, your brand, your inventory, and your company details & services.
  • Be right at your customer’s fingertips anytime they need to contact you or get more information about you or your dealership. Your customers will carry your Digital Business Card along with them inside their mobile device without searching through a stack of cards or scrolling through their contacts. They will have instant access to you instead of hoping you are available to answer.
  • A Digital Business Card needs to be available for any mobile device, iPhone and Android, or laptop. Since it is a web-based app, your Digital Business Card is readily available on all platforms regardless of how your customer chooses to connect with you.
  • Capitalize on your social media presence by leveraging your Digital Business card with your friends and followers on the most engaging social media platforms.

In this tech-driven age, stay out front with Build-A-Brand’s Digital Business Card and stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds by showing them who you are and what your business is all about.

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