There is much chatter about the need of creating a personal brand, but what about those who believe they already have one? Let’s put the emphasis on the word, “believe.”

Preconceptions have been formed about personal branding and many feel that it needs to be all about “you.” This is not true. There are parts of having a personal brand where you need to focus on yourself, but the main purpose in doing any of it, is for the customer.

Thus, your personal brand is all about your consumers and the desired results you want to obtain from them. Personal branding is a helpful and invaluable practice, which is used to market yourself to audiences on a human-to-human level.

If done correctly, you can acquire desired results. Personal branding can bring you closer to your customers, make you better than the competition, and help shape the buying experience.

Personal Branding Requirements:
Some people feel strongly that they already have a personal brand in place because they created online profiles and post to their social networks from time-to-time. This also is not true.

Although personal branding has become buzzwords, there is a great deal of purposeful work that must go into building and maintaining one.

There are 2 very important components you must use to build a proper personal brand.

2 Personal Branding Components:

  1. Personal Brand Identity (What you want to convey)
  2. Personal Brand Strategy (How you convey it)

Crafting a brand identity is how you want to be perceived by your audience and having a strategic plan, is how you deliver it.

These 2 must go hand-in-hand to have a unique personal brand in place. — One cannot go without the other.

If you believe you have an existing personal brand, answer the following 2 questions,

  1. What are you trying to tell your customers about who you are? (Identity)
  2. What methods do you use to deliver your Identity on a regular basis? (Strategy)

If you are unable to clearly answer the 2 questions, it may be time to rethink, regroup, and re-design your personal brand.

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