The saying is true that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. An eye-catching well-designed Digital Business Card can help you seize that moment and remain there, in the forefront of your customer’s minds by being housed where everyone stores their contacts now – in their mobile devices!

If you’re a salesperson and you are looking to grow your business, a Digital Business Card may be the edge you’re looking for. Let’s lay some ground work so you have a good working knowledge of what Digital Business Cards are and how they can help you.

First, cutting edge Digital Business Cards are a digital form of a business card which instantly links you to your customer base. They can behave like an app There are many more benefits of a digital business card that a regular business card or digital contact record can’t touch. Look for these features when you are shopping for the digital business card that will represent you and your brand:

  • Customization – When building your brand, your Digital Business Card should have the ability to create buttons, links, and pages, as well as have options for custom colors, themes, ability to upload video and images, PDF’s for customers to view and download.
  • Live Activity Tracking – Always be in the know when anyone is online looking at any part of your Digital Business Card. Each link to your Digital Business Card should be uniquely identifiable and registered to a specific customer so that you can be proactive and know how to best serve your customers.
  • Inventory Integration – Salespeople need the ability to display current inventory and know which items in that inventory are being viewed. This feature allows you a perfect follow up opportunity to approach your customer with a plan to help close the sale.
  • Multiple Customer Communication Options – Today’s Digital Business Cards need to have an Omni-channel approach to sales that seeks to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience from any mobile device, and allows them to communicate with the salesperson through their communication channel of choice; phone, email, SMS, chat, social media, or video messaging.
  • Progressive Web App – What makes digital business cards viable is that your recipients do not have to download or install any app to view your card but they get the streamlined look of an app icon on the device. When designed as a progressive web app, they are seen far more frequently than paper cards since they live inside an icon on your customer’s mobile devices but take up no data space.
  • Regular Smart Updates – Any changes you make to your Digital Business card, whether it’s your contact information, new logo, colors or any other detail on the card, should be automatically updated. Don’t waste time or money printing new business cards. Make sure featured products and services and timely communications are also offered that directly benefit the consumer.
  • Easy to Send & Share – Click a button and send your digital card to any number of recipients – It’s that easy. Each link that you send is uniquely registered to that specific customer. Recipients can also forward your card to their contacts who can view it simply by going to the link.
  • Easy Networking & Referrals – Salespeople are looking for ways to connect with their customer’s friends and family. We know that a referral is 10x more likely to make a purchase than a cold call, so find a sharable digital business card built from the ground-up with networking built right in. Digital business cards built for salespeople track how the card has been networked, automatically keeping track of referrals when users share their salesperson’s digital business card with their friends, family and coworkers.
  •  Coolness Factor – People love apps and gadgets, and state of the art digital business cards can be just plain cool to people when they also provide value. A highly interactive digital business card is something people give value to, since it typically solves a problem or somehow makes life easier, whether they are browsing inventory or scheduling an appointment. When it is wrapped in a beautiful design with cutting edge graphics and seamless technology, you are sure to capitalize

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Don’t let that first impression moment pass you by.

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