Content is key to getting engagement with our target markets. However, we wonder how often we should post content to our Social Media accounts. Should I post once, twice, or three times a day? Additionally, we wonder if we should post to every social media platform.

Frequency, alongside with valuable content, can help us boost our interactions with our Target Market. When we post our amazing content, we should keep in mind that if we post too often, or not enough, we could be hurting ourselves, our brand, and our ability to get engagement.

If we post too often, we are not giving our posts enough time to be seen by our audience. What do I mean by this? Consider that you are posting every 10 or 20 minutes; you are not giving your posts time to be seen by viewers. Post number 1 will be buried and not seen because post 8 and 9 are pushing it down in your viewer’s Newsfeed. Also, posting too often could misinterpreted as spam, and no one, including Facebook, likes spam. People get on Facebook, and other social media channels, to relax. You should treat your friend’s Newsfeeds as their private space- in the same manner that you would treat their home if they invited you over to dinner. It is perfectly fine to discuss work, but not 24/7.

Now, on the other side of the spectrum; If we don’t post enough, your profile will fade off into the void. People will eventually forget that you even existed on social media. Once your account loses it’s exposure, it can be difficult to recover. Reviving a “dead” profile is next to impossible.

So, what is the perfect amount to be posting? I did some digging and found a couple of websites to help us answer this. Inc.com alongside with Louise Myers have written 2 separate articles that give us the layout of how often we should be posting to our social media accounts.

We should be posting to Facebook at least once a day. Twitter at least 15 Tweets a day, to Pinterest at least 11 Pins a day, to LinkedIn at least once a day, and to Instagram at least 2 posts a day!”

“We should be posting to Facebook at least once a day,” according to Inc.com’s How Often You Should Post on Social Media, According to 10 Studies, “Twitter at least 15 Tweets a day, to Pinterest at least 11 Pins a day, to LinkedIn at least once a day, and to Instagram at least 2 posts a day!”

Louise Myers’ article How Often To Post On Social Media [infographic] provides more insight to this topic. According to Myers, “we should be posting to Facebook at a Maximum of twice a day, or at least 3 times per week, one or the other.” With Twitter she goes into a little more depth and says that power users are posting around 100 times a day! The minimum amount she recommends is around 3 times a day. With the other accounts such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram, she says to post around the same amount of times as Inc.com’s suggestions.

So, where do you measure up on these numbers? Are you hitting these numbers when you post your content, or are you posting too much? Keep in mind that, even though we should be posting at these numbers, we must be consistent with sharing other users’ valuable content as well. If we are not able to hit these kinds of numbers, stick to a schedule and a plan when posting so that way you can have a good flow of content. When we combine Frequency and awesome Content, the sky’s the limit!


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