Are you burning through salespeople faster than a mid-summer’s wildfire sweeps across a dry field? You are not alone!

Salesperson turnover is a reality that General Managers and Sales Managers face all too often. In order to reduce salesperson turnover, we must understand the strain turnover, in itself, has on the day-to-day operations at the dealership.

When a sales employee leaves your dealership, it sets in motion a series of tasks that you or someone on your management staff must immediately address. Many hours are spent with extra tasks like conducting exit interviews, hiring new employees, training new salespeople, and troubleshooting customer issues with/for those new employees. On average, 74% of salespeople turnover each year. That is more than 7 out of every 10 salespeople! Theoretically speaking, if those 7 people leave your dealership this year it can cost you around $45k of lost revenue per salesperson and the time spent training replacements. TIME IS MONEY……and training is time spent not selling. Salesperson turnover could result in your dealership losing 7 x 45k or $315,000 (7 lost employees multiplied by $45,000). That will negatively impact your bottom line.

Surveying Dealer Principles, General Managers, General Sales Managers, and Internet Managers, with 25 years’ experience in the car sales industry, 4 questions were asked:

  1. Why would make your life/job easier?
  2. What re-occurring pain points and struggles go along with running a dealership?
  3. What are the main difficulties and challenges that you face daily?
  4. What could increase your sales?

Their answers include many similar answers, however, the most common factor that every survey participant experience is salesperson turnover. How do we reduce salesperson turnover? Customers want a “go-to-guy’ or a “go-to-girl” when they are looking to purchase a new car for themselves or a member of their family.  How can we build up our sales staff so that the best of the best stay at our dealership long enough to become that “go-to” person the customer is longing to do business with?

If we can reduce salesperson turnover at our dealerships, we can reduce many of the challenges our General Manager’s, and Dealer Principals state they face on a daily basis. Your management team must build a foundation that the salespeople can build upon in order to build up their own business. This, in turn, builds the overall business for the dealership.

We understand that when you help your sales team, you help your dealership. Like mentioned earlier, when a salesperson leaves your dealership, it sets into motion a barrage of events that you or someone at your dealership must take care of in order to maintain that business. If you are ready to stop committing the time and/or manpower to replacing employees and want to grow the amazing sales staff that you already have, click this link and let Build-A-Brand help empower your team.

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