Firstly, the entire team at Build-A-Brand wants to give a huge welcome to Conway-Heaton, which is, Kentucky’s oldest Ford dealership, for choosing, Build-A-Brand.

We feel it is important to not only have the right equipment for branding and an experienced team behind you, but it is vital that a dealership is willing to lead the way to ensure their employees succeed.

We, at Build-A-Brand, want to welcome Conway-Heaton by sharing their amazing story.

Jim Conway, the father to one of Conway-Heaton’s current owners, Pike Conway, moved his family to Bardstown, Kentucky, in 1919, which is where the dealership planted its roots and began its ever evolving journey.

During that same year, Mr. Conway started working with Ford vehicles by opening a small Ford storefront dealership.

In fact, it is Kentucky’s oldest Ford Dealership!

Back then, vehicles, auto equipment, and tools, were very different from the ones we are used to today, but it was important to Mr. Conway that the locals, of Bardstown, had a place they could buy and service their Ford vehicles, as well as, receive value.

Over the years, the dealership moved locations and expanded its vehicle brands.

As the dealership prospered, in 1928, Mr. Conway changed locations by purchasing a Lot to build a new dealership from the ground up.

After 26 years, Mr. Conway offered to sell the dealership to his children and Pike took him up on his offer and so did, his son-in-law, Bob Heaton.

The name of the dealership, Conway Motor Co. remained the same, even after new ownership.

A big milestone for the dealership occurred in 1948, when they hired their very first full-time salesperson, bringing their staff count to being that of only 15 people.

As the dealership continued to grow in sales, it also had to grow in size.

In 1964, Pike and Bob purchased 10 acres of land to build a newer dealership, which opened its doors in the year of 1968.

The dealership started as a one man operation and turned into a family owned and operated business. This became even truer when both Pike and Bob’s sons became members of the team.

It now has fourth generation family members working at the dealership and it continues to grow.

It wasn’t until 1981, that the dealership adopted its new name, Conway-Heaton Ford Chrysler, which now also serves Dodge, Jeep, and Ram customers.

There were various changes throughout the 90 plus years, when the dealership first began, but, no matter what, the Conway-Heaton owners learned to adapt and evolve with the times.

Quality people, service, and products has always been this dealership’s main focus, which is why they have recently chosen to use the Build-A-Brand App Suite.

Their story shows how devoted this family is to serving those in the Bardstown community, and those in its surrounding areas, with their vehicle needs.

Pike Conway and Bob Heaton, both recognize how important personal interactions, communication, convenience, and quality services are to today’s customers.

One of the dealership’s sayings is, “Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you.

It is clear that the Conway-Heaton, Bardstown dealership’s success comes from seeing change and in changing along with it, without losing its signature style of creating personal connections with its customers.

Choosing to continue to forever evolve, Conway-Heaton, chooses to use the Build-A-Brand App Suite and its experienced team members, in order to continually present customers genuine connections, high-quality service, and, an unforgettable buying experience.

Build-A-Brand welcomes Conway-Heaton to the family and we look forward to evolving with you far into the future!

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