As a Sales Professional, you are expected to create and build authentic relationships with your buyers, which helps with the selling process, but recently, you have found yourself stuck in accomplishing these actions.

You have been told by marketers and online articles, that times have changed and the processes we use to use to connect with customers have been obliterated.
Change is a constant part of life and similar to going from the days in which we travelled in horse-drawn carriages to the turbo engine automobiles we drive today, we too must evolve.

– Evolution is the ability to adapt to our environments in order to survive.-

In the past, Sales Professionals solely focused on the rational side of business, where different methods were used to prove the product’s quality and usefulness to the consumer. Although this side is still an important component in how we conduct business, we have always lacked in using the other side, the emotional side.

It is time for Sales Professionals to evolve and embrace connecting with customers through the use of emotions. For some, this is a hard pill to swallow. Many Sales Professionals have spent years doing the same routine and for the most part, it has worked for them, thus, the resistance to change.

Nonetheless, customers now have the ability to research brands online, which has changed the way they shop and caused Sales Professionals to transform they way they sell. Consumers want their needs met, on their terms, and for the buying process to be completed with a person, whom they can trust, not a corporation.

To know and digest this information is a process in itself and still does not change the fact that you have become stuck in your ways. What prevents most Sales Professionals from moving forward and evolving to meeting the customers needs of today, is one primal emotion, fear.

Fear a normal reaction to change. Our heredity and genetics teach us to resist change mainly to always feel like we are “in control.” With that said, change is inevitable.

The change from using the rational side of business to using the emotional side too, scares some professionals. The thought of showing emotions is often thought of being a sign of weakness and that you are “out of control”. This is just an overplayed myth.

In fact, consciously choosing to share emotions when appropriate, is a sign of strength. Fear exists in our thoughts of the future. We may not be able to choose whether or not to feel fear, but we do have the choice to act on it.

Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” – Japanese Proverb

Whether you know it or not, fear is preventing you from adapting to your evolving environment.

You fear change, learning new methods, sharing emotions, and in having to alter your routines.

You fear that with change, the possibility of not meeting your goals or quotas will happen.

Ultimately, you fear failure.

The sharing of emotions will be what connects and defines the relationships you have with your customers. If you do not conquer your fears and change the ways in which you interact with your consumers, your ability to survive in the ever-changing market, will be little to none.

You must embrace personal branding, social media, blogging, interactive, personalized, and unique content creation. In doing so, you will better connect with your consumers through being relatable, valuable, accessible, and engaging.

If you are where the customers are (social networks), you are able to provide customer service and consumers often will reward brands for being accessible to them.

Customers are likely to spend 21% more if they receive good customer service via social media. (Source: Ambassador)

Learning how to connect with prospects via social media provides the ability to earn trust and build loyalty. People who feel like their needs are understood, met, and or exceeded, will talk about it.

80% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on suggestions made by their friends and family. (Source: Forbes)

The customer experience and the relationships you build with them, must be of high importance in the new way you conduct business.

Your main focus should be to provide value, while meeting the wants and needs of your buyers. Let yourself grow, change, and evolve as a Sales Professional. Make the one primal emotion, “Fear,” no longer harm your business or get in the way of your success.

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