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"I have used Build-A-Brand™ for about a year. At first I thought that this would not work because social media wouldn’t help me sell cars or drive more traffic to. I began to use it slowly and found that I was completely wrong. I started to post content and I immediately saw that people reacted positively to it. I begin to see people reach out to me on my website and on Facebook through my post. I have had people send me referrals. It is like this thing works for me 24/7. I would recommend that you start to use Build-A-Brand™ now if you want to increase your sales and Build-A-Brand™ as the go to person."

Tyler Womack

Homer Skelton Ford

"Great reviews and SEO. I couldn’t more highly recommend this Social innovative product."

Don Erwin

Mountain View Ford

"Build-A-Brand has been an amazing tool to help me sell more cars. Having a way to get photo reviews out there in Google really helps random people to find you without even getting a referral from a previously sold customer. Having my own custom website has absolutely set me apart from my competitors. Being able to show my customers our inventory on my own page without risking them sending an email to my internet department has been great. This app can be tailored to work how you want it to." 
Corey Barron

Lake Charles Toyota

“I don’t think if it wasn’t for Build-A-Brand I wouldn’t be the go to car guy for most people in my town” 
Where do I start on the success stories? The review part of Build-A-Brand is one of my largest tools I use, It allows me to express other customers feeling in the whole truth. It's important for a sales consultant no matter what you’re in to build a brand around yourself. If you do this successfully, it has a tremendous success story to go with it. 
Prospecting in your own time is also a huge thing for my market. With having my own website that I can control the content being posted helps in a huge way. Being able to post about things that intrigue people and have them direct it to all your info is amazing! 
Referrals is also another huge part of a sales success. If you can get people to become advocates of you which is made easy with Build-A-Brand then you will be extremely successful!"
Jeff Dodd

Aldermans Chevrolet-Buick-GMC

"This has completely changed how I view my career! I know longer feel like a cog in the wheel, Build-A-Brand has made me the captain of my own destiny in my sales career!
Since employing the Build-A-Brand sales empowerment tool, I have been able to create a dealership with in my dealership. My customers and their referrals know that if they come in to see me they are working with the best in the field. It also allows me to let them pick times when we are both available. This allows me to make sure they get a consistent experience every time!!
Through the use of The Build-A-Brand Blogging center, I have reached thousands of people, not just with a sales pitch, but with content that will gain their trust and educate them on how to buy a car correctly.
Prospecting has changed. People want to buy from someone they know. They want to come in and feel like they are already friends with their sales man. Build-A-Brand allows the customers to find you, and then allows them to find a friend or family member for you. They become your lead generation tool. This Is key in building raving fans, I wish I had it at the start of my career!
Build-A-Brand will change how you look at customers. They really become your customers not your dealerships. The are the key to making it in this field. Thank you to Ashley, Drew, Erin, Amanda, and the rest of the team for their constant efforts in making Build-A-Brand a system I can't live without."
Chris Murphy

Courtesy Chevrolet

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