There is A LOT of talk around the auto industry about branding and the need for car dealerships to develop their unique brand. Branding has become the key to success for the top automotive dealers and car sales professionals. As a result, it is what sets them apart from the average car lot and salesperson.

We want to help you grow your very own dealer brand. By doing so, you can define your brand identity and leverage it to drive sales.


The “must-haves” for your dealership’s brand success


  • A Lead Generating Website – Most car dealerships across the country have their very own website. The thing that could set yours apart is having each of your salespeople launch their very own personal website. But it shouldn’t be just any website! Salesperson’s websites should generate leads directly to them based on your dealerships inventory and your potential customer online searches. These Salesperson Websites should be able to bridge the gap between your dealer lot and the online community.
  • Video Communication with Customers – Video and visual content are sweeping the nation! People simply love to watch videos. Videos stand out much more so than text alone on websites and social media channels. Your salesforce should have the ability to give customers a quick video overview of a car and information related to it. They can send Video Messages on financing or service deals that are much more engaging than text alone. Having an effective video messaging strategy in place to capture the attention of your target audience is paramount in today’s successful car business.
  • Content Strategy for Social Media – Displaying knowledge about all aspects of the car industry creates trust. This knowledge also helps build a more personal relationship with customers and prospects. Sales Managers across the country struggle to impart this wisdom to their sales force. Having an extensive content library that is full of industry-specific blog articles written specifically for your salespeople to post to their websites and all their social media channels is a must! Your sales team can spend time writing articles or blogs or they can quickly choose from a well-stocked, up to date library and spend their time selling!
  • Social “Proof” Testimonials – Potential buyers are always looking for ways to measure the credibility of products, services, and salespeople. Reviews and testimonials go a long way in producing proof of trust and satisfaction from people who have already bought from your sales team. A social media strategy that has reviews and recommendations built-in is the most effective and efficient means of building your car dealership’s sales reputation.
  • Direct Communication Capability – In today’s tech-obsessed world, your customers want and need a means of contacting their go-to salesperson instantly. The moment they have a question or need information about a vehicle they should be able to text, SMS or call them. For example, customers don’t want to spend time looking for business cards or looking up phone numbers. You want each person on your sales team to have the ability to know exactly where those customers are and how to reach them as well. Digital Business Cards allow your salespeople to engage with customers. Consequently, they will convert leads from any mobile device and create a positive, cutting edge first impression that lasts.


Customers want to buy from people they know and trust! You want your sales force to be known as the team who is on top of the car sales industry! Building a reputation like that doesn’t happen overnight, however, it can happen quicker than you think.

Build-A-Brand can help you build your dealership brand through our portfolio of branding products. Each product in our suite is developed specifically for the car sales industry. Get out front and stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds. Show them who you are and what your business is all about.

Contact us today and let’s build something!



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