How many times have you been handed a business card only to lose it? Worse, maybe you threw it away when cleaning out your wallet or purse? Well, guess what? That’s exactly what’s happening with your business cards.

It almost seems that business cards are accepted as a courtesy these days, but are then discarded like the plague just as soon as we’re out of sight from the person who handed it to us.

Why do people hate business cards so much?
No matter how glamorous someone’s business card is; fancy graphics, raised lettering, made of aluminum, etc. they just don’t seem to matter much these days. Why?

The digital revolution has made paper business cards obsolete.

People have reduced their wallet and purse sizes dramatically over the past 15 years all thanks to cell phone technology. Gone are the days of needing to carry around a stack of business cards to remember phone numbers and address. Our cell phones now manage most of what we used to carry around, allowing us to reduce our daily travel weight and keep our pockets empty.

People throw away business cards because they no longer have a place to store them. Nor, do they want to store them.

People tend to save digital information for the future
Chances are, if you hand a business to someone, it’s going to get tossed quickly for all the reasons listed above. Digital, on the other hand, is going to stay in someone’s mobile device typically for as long as they own it, if not longer.

At last count, I had over 2200 contacts in my cell phone. That’s because I’ve successfully transferred all contacts from phone to phone since 2001. I don’t ever discard a digital contact because it’s not causing me any storage issues, nor is my wallet thicker as a result of keeping every contact I’ve been given.

Even if I don’t need to make contact with someone anytime in the near future, I will still save their digital contact record just in case I need it in the future.

Aren’t phone contact records good enough?
Contact records are decent enough for being able to find and make contact with someone, but they lack too much to be considered for commercial business use. Especially, for salespeople.

Why a Digital Business Card is even better than a contact record
Contact records are great for storing someone’s information for contacting them later. The only problem with these is that they are somewhat invisible until someone is actively seeking you in their contacts list.

Digital business cards work much like a cell phone app, so they are seen far more frequently since they live inside an icon on people’s mobile devices. Yet, there are many more benefits to a high-quality digital business card that a regular business card and digital contact record can’t touch:

  • Updated Regularly – Featured products and services, timely communications & services are offered that directly benefit the consumer.
  • Perceived Value – A highly interactive digital business card is something people give value to, since it typically solves a problem or somehow makes life easier.
  • Painless Networking – Salespeople are looking for ways to get in-front of their customer’s friends and family, knowing a referral is 10x more likely to make a purchase than a cold call. Sharable digital business cards like Build-a-Brand’s DBC were built from the ground-up with networking built-in.
  • Referral Revenue for the Consumer – Digital business cards built for salespeople like the one Build-a-Brand offers tracks how the card has been networked, automatically keeping track of referrals when users share their salesperson’s DBC with their friends, family and coworkers. DBC end-users can earn a referral fee when someone they’ve shared a digital business with makes a purchase.
  • They’re Just Plain Cool – People love apps and gadgets, and state of the art digital business cards can be really cool to people when they also provide value. Maybe it’s being able to easily schedule service for your vehicle, get a car wash, browse inventory, etc.

Looking for a state of the art digital business card? Build-a-Brand offers a DBC solution that is second to none that includes a built-in referral system, live inventory display, exponential app sharing, and much more.

Schedule a demo today to see what you’re missing.

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