Video Credit: Cameron Moore

Imagine trying to sell a vehicle to a customer without ever showing them a photo of the vehicle or providing them a description of its great qualities and features.

You can’t.

It is impossible to have potential buyers trust and believe in you if you cannot produce what they consume.

In today’s digital world, the vehicle is what people buy, but technically, it is no longer what you sell. Instead, it is your brand that has become the product.

Therefore, you must ensure you constantly make the effort to take every opportunity that is available to you, to showcase your brand to others.

This includes, adding a profile picture to your social accounts, inside your Build-A-Brand toolkit, and Digital Business Card.

Having an empty online profile, website, blog, picture, and bio, says a lot.

Unknowingly, the lack of taking these actions tells your visitors that you do not care, when if fact, you do care, you simply just need to take the time to show it, for them to really know it.

How can potential customers choose you when you are not even an option?

They can’t.

Take notice, your competitors are giving customers the ability to know them, are you?

You cannot expect people to pick you over the competition without giving them reasons to.

It takes the average person at least 7 times of seeing your brand before they even start to fully pay attention to it, let alone, participate or interact with it.

The only way to express who you are and why you do what you do every day, is by consistently creating and sharing content relative to your brand on multiple online platforms.

Multiple platforms provides multiple audiences, thus, the more places you post items relevant to your brand, the more access to potential buyers you will receive.

Do not solely rely on others to spread your message. Even though, word-of-mouth branding is important; it is you who is the best advocate in presenting who you are and what your brand truly represents.

If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will.

A photo says a thousand words, but a profile without one, can say a thousand more.

Make YOU a priority.

Add a profile picture, describe your best qualities and express the value customers receive when buying from you and ONLY you.

If you cannot see how unique you are, you cannot use it to your advantage and there is certainly no way others can benefit from it.

Take time to find what sets you apart from the competition. What do you do well and can produce often?

Get noticed; put yourself out there, and no longer prevent yourself from being a viable option.

Remember, customers can only choose you, when they are given the ability to find you.

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